Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well guys I’m finally back! We haven’t had internet for 2 weeks because apparently the guys who lived here before us were assholes but hey can’t do much about that now, but find the old tenants and brutally torture them for all the shit we had to go through just to get power, water and internet all in our names. Well since I haven’t posted anything in a while this weekend I am going to make two posts other than this one, one will be a review and the other will be a more personal what the hell has been going on with me and my roommates kind of post.
I would also like to take this time to say that the month of September will be Netflix Suggestion month, in which I will only be watched and review movies that are on the NF suggested list based on movies I have already watched there, but I do want to start with one of your guys’ suggestions and move on from there though if possible. Well I got allot of blogs to catch up on, as well as 2 weeks’ worth of videos and such but there will be updates today I promise.


  1. You went somewhere?

    JK, nice to have you back :D

  2. Welcome back, nice to have you post again!

  3. Way to go getting internet back up in your new place. Waiting for the next post