Monday, August 29, 2011

Could I be going crazy?

                Well despite the title it’s not fair to say that I am going crazy since I already am, so let’s say I am going crazier. Imagination is both a beautiful and dangerous thing, add crazy to that and well anything can really happen. If you guys don’t know I love scary stories, old ones new ones doesn’t matter I love them all, but none have ever actually scared me till now. A few days before moving my friend had gotten home from his summer job at a camp so I decided to spend last few days of me living there with me and in that time on the last night he showed me the Marble Hornet videos. At first I laughed and just found it to be poor editing or whatever, but later as I drove home that night I could have sworn I saw that man from their videos just down the street from my friend’s house. I put that off as it was 3 in the morning I was tired and I had just flipped my brights on and it could have been anything tall and with a with head piece really, though it freaked me out to the point that I felt fear in my heart and when I got to my house I covered all the windows and slept with the lights on. The next day was moving day, and I made a short video diary I called The Journey and put it on YouTube for all those who want to see it. I was the first one to get to the apartment and since I was lacking sleep my mental state wasn’t the greatest. Going down the hall to what is now my room I thought that out of the corner of my eye I saw him again standing in my roommates room, but as most people do when they see something they don’t want to I ignored it and never looked in that room again till he moved in. A few days later, after getting most of our stuff moved in, I had a weird ass dream that felt too real. I had a dream I had a small cloth doll in my hand, black suit white face, as normal I closed my eyes and faced the wall. I seemed to have woken up again with a small circle of them around me, staring at me but again I closed my eye tight and faced the wall. Next and last time I woke up that night they were still there, and he was there at my closet door and he reached down for me and my brain seemed to be screaming and then black, I woke up after that I guess.  My roommates have been complaining about my sleep walking but that’s probably because it’s just what happens to me some times. If you guys don’t know the name of the man I am talking about it is Slenderman, and he most likely is not real and I am going crazy, but researching him for a bit I found the Tulpa Theory that he is basically believed into existence, I have found other theories and thoughts on him but I liked that one the most, but that is the last I shall say of any of this.
                On to other things, my new apartment is in Florence Kentucky and there is not much to do here. I moved here for the soul purpose of not being homeless anymore! Not really that is just a plus, I moved here so I could have a place to say when school is out and not just live in the dorms during school and have no place to go during the summer or any other break. I have 2 roommates, Law and Danny and all we do really is be loud and play video games, though out neighbors never seems to hear us yelling or anything which is pretty cool. The two adorable girls downstairs say they never hear us at least and that we are the quietest neighbors they have ever had. I have to say though as much as I do love this new place the people that lived here before us were assholes. I saw that because well we couldn’t get internet or cable for two weeks because the previous lease holders kept changing the names on the lease and on their account to the company never paid them I guess; so here we come just wanting internet for school and fun reason and we can’t because they don’t believe who we are. Atop of that they apparently racked this place when they moved out because some things you can tell are newly damaged but whatever it’s our place now.
                We also started school last week, Law and I have at least Danny doesn’t go to school at the moment. Though I missed the first day due to illness and I missed today because of illness and that freaking sucks. The classes I am taking are pretty much the same as last year since I failed anything but Japanese so now I am taking JPN 102. English teacher is pretty cool, same with my speech teacher though if it wasn’t a gen ed class I would not be taking that. JNP 102 is my favorite class so far though and it was the once class I thought I failed. About half of the class I was in last year is in this same class with me and even asked me how I passed and I honestly don’t know. The only thing really new about that class is this girl named Dani, nerdy smart girls are just the best (yet I can’t talk to her because I am pretty sure she is the girl who hated my guts for no reason last year). Besides that this year is starting out pretty cool and this was the update on my life I promised, next post shall be review of something I watched with my roommates and will either be up later today or tomorrow. 

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