Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Idle bodies are the devil!

Well as I woke up to bite marks on my arm, cause I haven’t eaten in forever, I was reminded of the phrase “Idle hands are the devils playground” and then I remembered the movie Idle hand so hey today is a comedy horror movie! It’s a movie from 1999 that starts Devon Sawa as Anton, Seth Green as Mick, Elden Henson as Pnub, and Jessica Alba as Molly, the love interest. In case you have never heard of this movie or seen it, or even cared to look into it, it’s a movie about a teenager named Anton with a possessed hand because he is the laziest person to live. The movie starts off with Anton’s parents being killed but we never see the face or body of the killer, the only real problem I have with the opening is how long it takes the mother to call 9-1-1. Shortly after Anton wakes up listening to music and immediately turns on the tv and starts calling for his mom that they are out of food, shortly after he calls his friends because he is out of weed as well and want them to bring him some. After he gets off his lazy ass and goes to his friend’s house we find out that he is so lazy he doesn’t even go to school and that to him the perfect life would be him sitting on the couch watching TV and smoking while hot babes bring him food all day, it is also revealed here that Anton hasn’t seen his parents in a couple of days and hasn’t bothered to worry about it until now. Being desperate for food he leaves only to find the love of his life that he has been stalking for some number of years now as dropped her lyric book, so being the gentleman that he is, he grabs her book goes to her house and awkwardly shoves it to you and walks away without a word.
After we see there is a druid priestess hunting down a demonic entity but by the time she gets to where it was last it has left, going back to her Mystery Machine and marking on the map where the next location is she finds out it makes a pentagram somehow. Anton finds his dead parents who have been in the living room the whole time, how he couldn’t have smelt them is a mystery though, shortly after his friends arrive and try to call the cops but Anton’s hand kills them. This shows the only awesome part of the movie when his friends come back to life, he assumes they are zombies but as Mick says “No man we just want to chill, when we saw the light we were just like fuck that man and came back to our bodies” best undead friends ever.  You might be thinking that I have giving too much info here but I haven’t there is still much that I won’t say because I think you should actually watch this movie.
This is a comedy if nothing else, I mean yea people are dying and getting killed but it’s by a fucking hand, if you can’t over power a hand not a whole body just a hand then you’re pretty sad. I like this movie, it’s definitely a 7 out of 10 if only for the fact I can always laugh at it.  My friend calls it a spoof but the comedy rout is just the way horror movies were going at that time, it’s one of the movies where you can play the Claw game. The Claw game if you don’t know is where at action parts of the movie you just play the audio from the claw scene from Toy-Story and it sounds like it still fits in a way and is awesome. It is a movie you can watch with friends, even if they are somebody who gets scared easy there is no way you can be scared by this at all unless you already have a fear that your hand is going to go evil and kill you. Well that’s it and now I have to go find something to eat before my head turns evil and tries to eat the rest of my body, remember to leave movies and shows that you want me to do in the comments if any.


  1. That's awsome. I like reading stuff like this

  2. I remember that movie! Wow now I'm gonna have to go watch it! And I think your friend is right it was a spoof (it was helping Seth Greens career as he was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

  3. I always find horror movies to be more comedies than actual horror themselves. Of course there are a few real ones out there, but I'm glad you're honest about the funny factor in them. :]

  4. never seen it but now i have to watch it ^^