Saturday, July 30, 2011

Deadgirl (not a zombie movie)

Well since I have done one anime review, and it feels too soon to do another one, I shall do a weird horror movie! Deadgirl is the topic of the day blog, and it is a movie that I have mixed feelings about. The few people I know call this a zombie movie, and though there is an undead person in this movie I see it more as a psychological movie than anything else. The movie starts off with Rickie (played by Shiloh Fernandez) and JT (Noah Segan) waiting outside for school to start, JT Making fun of Rickie for crushing on one of the popular girls in school Joann (Candice Accola), when the bell rings for classes to start JT talks Rickie into skipping and to fallow him to an abandon mental asylum. After fucking around for a while they find their way to the basement where they are chased by a dog into another room with a door rusted shut where they find a nude girl with a plastic bag on her head. First they think there is a killer in the room but they see her move so JT thinks they should help her but Rickie thinks they should call the cops, after getting into a fight Rickie leaves and returns later with a gun. JT tells him that after he left the girl kept trying to bite him so he choked her to death even though she was chained down and couldn’t hurt him, he did this twice then takes the gun from Rickie and shoots her 3 times but she doesn’t die. JT comes to the conclusion that she is dead and thinks it best to keep her as a sex slave, Rickie isn’t sure what to do next but he doesn’t want to join his friend in this questionable act.
                That’s just the beginning of this movie, it gets more interesting from there and even though this movie is indeed about a zombie I see it as also a coming of age tale for Rickie if that makes any sense as he has to decide what he should do about his friend keeping a woman against her will as a sex slave even though she is dead, all the while not wanting to get his friend in trouble and having to worry about other things happening in his life because of this. I will admit this story is a bit messed up, there is gore and as a horror movie it messes with the mind a bit more than it does focus on the dead girl, as it mostly focuses on what they are doing with the girl. It is also possible that they guys who made this just wanted to make a movie about sex with a Deadgirl that eats people, but the ending is bitter sweet in my opinion as Rickie has to make an extremely difficult decision. I do recommend this but personally I think a single viewing of this is all a person needs, it is on Netflix instant stream.

Like this review? Leave me a comment suggesting any other movies you think would be good, and next blog will be another anime.

Friday, July 29, 2011

My looks on G Gundam

Before I do my first review let me give some back story as to why I am doing this one first. To honor moving in with one of my best friends, a few weeks ago we went to an anime event at a mall, to where we had a discussion “Dude no Gundam series had a plot” he said looking for a darker anime. I thought for a moment only to find he is half right “Gundam series have plots, it just depends on which you are watching, granted some of them are stupid like when they were chibi sentient Gundams that traveled dimensions for something about magic or friendship or whatever” he issued the challenge the name one that has a good plot and that comes to now, my review and recap of G Gundam.
G Gundam was a series that aired 2002 on Toonami in the early 2000s. It takes place in F.C. 60, where there are colonies in space from each nation and known as Neo colonies (i.e. Neo-America, Neo-Japan ext.) It is the 13th Gundam Fight were leaders from the colonies choose and send down Gundam fighters, where we fallow our  hero for this series Domon Kasshu and his mobile suit Shinning Gundam, later to change to the Burning Gundam. Within the first few episodes we are introduced to:
Rain Mikamura- Domon’s partner and love interest
Chibodee Crocket – Neo-America’s fighter, pilots Gundam Maxter. Domon doesn’t destroy his Gundam in their first fight because he sees his true fighting spirit
George de Sand - Neo-France’s fighter, pilots Gundam Rose.  Is tricked into a fight with Domon by the princess to fight for honor, match ends in a tie.
Sai Saici – Neo-China’s fighter, pilots the Dragon Gundam. Domon is asked by his trainers to take him down after his suit is stolen by thugs, gets Domon arrested and later fights that ends in a tie as well.
Argo Guisii – Neo-Russia’s fighter, pilots Bolt Gundam. When Domon gets arrested he helps him break out and then fights, Domon defeats him. Argo is forced to be a fighter as he is a permanent prisoner with a bomb stuck to his chest.
                Though out the first part of the series Domon travels to find a man in a picture he carries around that is later to be shown as his brother. In the episode “Fight, Domon! Earth is the Ring” he is taken back to Neo-Japan where he is forced to relive his last day on the colony. It is revealed that the man in the picture is Kyoji Kasshu, Domon’s older brother. Kyoji is the creator of the Dark Gundam and its pilot who wishes to rule the world. It is explained that the only one who can defeat Kyoji is “The King of Hearts” who happens to be Domon. It is also revealed that the power that Domon has that allows him to win above everybody else is his emotion, manifested in his move known as the SHINING FINGER. “This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!” that move later turns to the Shining Finger Sword, not that great of a name but it can only be used when Domon’s pain and anger is at its highest and the Shining Gundam reaches its true form. “TAKE THIS! MY LOVE, MY ANGER, AND ALL OF MY SORROW! ALL IN ONE FINGER! SHINNING FINGER SWORD!” this move obliterates most enemies but that’s the end of the recap without gives away most of the fights and the ultimate ending of the series. If you want to know more I suggest watching it.
                Now I think this proves to my roommate that this series as well as other have a good plot. Yes it revolves around Gundam fights but that’s what the series is. In my opinion this series has a good plot, granted the “heart of the cards” like power is a bit cheesy I still think that Domon’s power is epic and awesome. It’s a story of not only a man trying to save the world, but a boy having to fight his brother and avenge his family while having to pass through many obstacles in his way. Some parts are a bit cheesy, character development isn’t always great, and this isn’t that light hearted of a series if that is what you’re looking for. Gundams series as a whole are mostly awesome, there are a few that I just don’t get or like for one reason or another but G Gundam stands as one of my top 3 Gundam series and I enjoyed watching it again for this review, I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Introduction to Me

Well seeing how this is my first blog before i start posting things that actually are my views on things I probably should tell a bit about my self. First off Trench is for Trench Coat since i wear one everywhere, don't ask me why its more of a mental "I have to wear this or I'll get stressed" as well of a I don't like people messing with me thing. When I wear my trench coat people tend to leave me alone or just don't notice me, granted in high school most people thought that I had a gun on me most of the time.
B I grew up watching horror movies, since I was but a wee lad they used movies to put me to sleep, so most of the things I will be posting shall be horror movie reviews and anime reviews, yes I know many people do this already but hey everybody has a voice and why not listen to a crazy man?
Triangle, I also make LP on YouTube, under the username WolfyFreak, chose that name cause I couldn't pick between two different nick names I had at the time. All in all my name is Phreak, about twice a week I shall be writing a review of an anime or a movie and who knows what else, I am doing this partly out of boredom and partly so that it may help keep the small part of sanity I have left and get me through the rest of college.