Sunday, September 4, 2011

Way way back in 2002

                Well just call me Phreak the Liar…yes a poor joke to Jacob the liar but eh its 1 in the morning. Yes I know it was said that I was going to do an update earlier last week but you know, classes and getting sick. So now, while watching Nightmares in Red, White and Blue, I shall do my review of a show from the early 2000s called Clone High. The first thing I have to say about this show is that the theme song is good but it doesn’t sound right. By that I mean it kind of sounds like too much is going on, but it’s a really good song that slightly reminds me of the theme to MST3K but that could be just me.
                If you don’t know this show is about clones of famous people that have grown into teenagers and go to high school as part of a military experiment. The main characters are Joan of Ark, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Cleopatra and JFK. Honestly I think this is a great cast though I kind of would have liked to see Alexander the Great or Vlad the Impaler as part of the cast but the show is over and too late to wonder what if. This show only has one season with thirteen episodes that ends on a cliff hanger, and if any of you happen to be the people who made this show for some reason MAKE MORE I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!
                The clones in this show know that they are clones at try to be like their biological source, like the people that they were cloned from. Its not actually brought up a lot how ever but it is still there and well done. There is actually an episode where Abraham and JFK run for student body present, at one point Abe says “I really want to run for president but there seems to be some fear that’s holding me back from doing it” classic man. This show is a comedy if you could imagine it any other way I couldn’t see what it could possibly be. It was canceled due to the use of Gandhi which is sad because it didn’t show him as a bad guy, just now really exactly how he was in history.
                In my honest opinion this show should have had at least one more season, mostly because I want to know what happened after the final episode which I won’t ruin for you. I think one good movie or even a web series or comic would be great I really wish this show hadn’t died. It plays like those old soaps like 90210 or a sitcom but it still hand rang, it was just funny and great it is one of the best cartoons I have seen that is about historical icons, now go watch it while I promise to put up another review tomorrow yet lie and do it next week, so just watch this and I shall have a new review asap.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Could I be going crazy?

                Well despite the title it’s not fair to say that I am going crazy since I already am, so let’s say I am going crazier. Imagination is both a beautiful and dangerous thing, add crazy to that and well anything can really happen. If you guys don’t know I love scary stories, old ones new ones doesn’t matter I love them all, but none have ever actually scared me till now. A few days before moving my friend had gotten home from his summer job at a camp so I decided to spend last few days of me living there with me and in that time on the last night he showed me the Marble Hornet videos. At first I laughed and just found it to be poor editing or whatever, but later as I drove home that night I could have sworn I saw that man from their videos just down the street from my friend’s house. I put that off as it was 3 in the morning I was tired and I had just flipped my brights on and it could have been anything tall and with a with head piece really, though it freaked me out to the point that I felt fear in my heart and when I got to my house I covered all the windows and slept with the lights on. The next day was moving day, and I made a short video diary I called The Journey and put it on YouTube for all those who want to see it. I was the first one to get to the apartment and since I was lacking sleep my mental state wasn’t the greatest. Going down the hall to what is now my room I thought that out of the corner of my eye I saw him again standing in my roommates room, but as most people do when they see something they don’t want to I ignored it and never looked in that room again till he moved in. A few days later, after getting most of our stuff moved in, I had a weird ass dream that felt too real. I had a dream I had a small cloth doll in my hand, black suit white face, as normal I closed my eyes and faced the wall. I seemed to have woken up again with a small circle of them around me, staring at me but again I closed my eye tight and faced the wall. Next and last time I woke up that night they were still there, and he was there at my closet door and he reached down for me and my brain seemed to be screaming and then black, I woke up after that I guess.  My roommates have been complaining about my sleep walking but that’s probably because it’s just what happens to me some times. If you guys don’t know the name of the man I am talking about it is Slenderman, and he most likely is not real and I am going crazy, but researching him for a bit I found the Tulpa Theory that he is basically believed into existence, I have found other theories and thoughts on him but I liked that one the most, but that is the last I shall say of any of this.
                On to other things, my new apartment is in Florence Kentucky and there is not much to do here. I moved here for the soul purpose of not being homeless anymore! Not really that is just a plus, I moved here so I could have a place to say when school is out and not just live in the dorms during school and have no place to go during the summer or any other break. I have 2 roommates, Law and Danny and all we do really is be loud and play video games, though out neighbors never seems to hear us yelling or anything which is pretty cool. The two adorable girls downstairs say they never hear us at least and that we are the quietest neighbors they have ever had. I have to say though as much as I do love this new place the people that lived here before us were assholes. I saw that because well we couldn’t get internet or cable for two weeks because the previous lease holders kept changing the names on the lease and on their account to the company never paid them I guess; so here we come just wanting internet for school and fun reason and we can’t because they don’t believe who we are. Atop of that they apparently racked this place when they moved out because some things you can tell are newly damaged but whatever it’s our place now.
                We also started school last week, Law and I have at least Danny doesn’t go to school at the moment. Though I missed the first day due to illness and I missed today because of illness and that freaking sucks. The classes I am taking are pretty much the same as last year since I failed anything but Japanese so now I am taking JPN 102. English teacher is pretty cool, same with my speech teacher though if it wasn’t a gen ed class I would not be taking that. JNP 102 is my favorite class so far though and it was the once class I thought I failed. About half of the class I was in last year is in this same class with me and even asked me how I passed and I honestly don’t know. The only thing really new about that class is this girl named Dani, nerdy smart girls are just the best (yet I can’t talk to her because I am pretty sure she is the girl who hated my guts for no reason last year). Besides that this year is starting out pretty cool and this was the update on my life I promised, next post shall be review of something I watched with my roommates and will either be up later today or tomorrow. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well guys I’m finally back! We haven’t had internet for 2 weeks because apparently the guys who lived here before us were assholes but hey can’t do much about that now, but find the old tenants and brutally torture them for all the shit we had to go through just to get power, water and internet all in our names. Well since I haven’t posted anything in a while this weekend I am going to make two posts other than this one, one will be a review and the other will be a more personal what the hell has been going on with me and my roommates kind of post.
I would also like to take this time to say that the month of September will be Netflix Suggestion month, in which I will only be watched and review movies that are on the NF suggested list based on movies I have already watched there, but I do want to start with one of your guys’ suggestions and move on from there though if possible. Well I got allot of blogs to catch up on, as well as 2 weeks’ worth of videos and such but there will be updates today I promise.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wont be Posting much

Well I haven’t had done a post in a few days and that is because I am getting ready to move on the 19th so I won’t be updating as much as I would like until my new apartment gets internets. For now however I shall do at least 2 more post before I move and as well be at my friend’s podcast stream! He streams every Saturday at about 6pm EST, here: is a link and I hope to see you all there.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Idle bodies are the devil!

Well as I woke up to bite marks on my arm, cause I haven’t eaten in forever, I was reminded of the phrase “Idle hands are the devils playground” and then I remembered the movie Idle hand so hey today is a comedy horror movie! It’s a movie from 1999 that starts Devon Sawa as Anton, Seth Green as Mick, Elden Henson as Pnub, and Jessica Alba as Molly, the love interest. In case you have never heard of this movie or seen it, or even cared to look into it, it’s a movie about a teenager named Anton with a possessed hand because he is the laziest person to live. The movie starts off with Anton’s parents being killed but we never see the face or body of the killer, the only real problem I have with the opening is how long it takes the mother to call 9-1-1. Shortly after Anton wakes up listening to music and immediately turns on the tv and starts calling for his mom that they are out of food, shortly after he calls his friends because he is out of weed as well and want them to bring him some. After he gets off his lazy ass and goes to his friend’s house we find out that he is so lazy he doesn’t even go to school and that to him the perfect life would be him sitting on the couch watching TV and smoking while hot babes bring him food all day, it is also revealed here that Anton hasn’t seen his parents in a couple of days and hasn’t bothered to worry about it until now. Being desperate for food he leaves only to find the love of his life that he has been stalking for some number of years now as dropped her lyric book, so being the gentleman that he is, he grabs her book goes to her house and awkwardly shoves it to you and walks away without a word.
After we see there is a druid priestess hunting down a demonic entity but by the time she gets to where it was last it has left, going back to her Mystery Machine and marking on the map where the next location is she finds out it makes a pentagram somehow. Anton finds his dead parents who have been in the living room the whole time, how he couldn’t have smelt them is a mystery though, shortly after his friends arrive and try to call the cops but Anton’s hand kills them. This shows the only awesome part of the movie when his friends come back to life, he assumes they are zombies but as Mick says “No man we just want to chill, when we saw the light we were just like fuck that man and came back to our bodies” best undead friends ever.  You might be thinking that I have giving too much info here but I haven’t there is still much that I won’t say because I think you should actually watch this movie.
This is a comedy if nothing else, I mean yea people are dying and getting killed but it’s by a fucking hand, if you can’t over power a hand not a whole body just a hand then you’re pretty sad. I like this movie, it’s definitely a 7 out of 10 if only for the fact I can always laugh at it.  My friend calls it a spoof but the comedy rout is just the way horror movies were going at that time, it’s one of the movies where you can play the Claw game. The Claw game if you don’t know is where at action parts of the movie you just play the audio from the claw scene from Toy-Story and it sounds like it still fits in a way and is awesome. It is a movie you can watch with friends, even if they are somebody who gets scared easy there is no way you can be scared by this at all unless you already have a fear that your hand is going to go evil and kill you. Well that’s it and now I have to go find something to eat before my head turns evil and tries to eat the rest of my body, remember to leave movies and shows that you want me to do in the comments if any.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

So many Spidermen so little time!

                Well without the internet I was forced to travel to a magical land that holds many things from my childhood, a mystic place filled with mutant cricket spiders and spells of forgotten work, a place known as the basement of my old house that hasn’t been sold yet! I found a mighty treasure of a box full of the entire series of the 90s Spiderman cartoon that aired on fox. While watching through the first season I suffered from Nostalgia Overload, and couldn’t see anything wrong with this. If you don’t know what nostalgia is then it’s basically remembering something from you past and experiencing it the same way in your mind or you know rose tented glasses. Once the N.O. wore off then I was able to see it for what it really is.
                This show had about 5 seasons with 65 episodes; many seasons after season 1 seemed to be multi-parters. If you are a fan of the comic book series then you are sure to like this as well, but you have to remember that this show lives in a continuity of its own and isn’t that related to the comic book itself. The first season its self is not an origin episode, in fact the origin of this universes Peter Parkers powers isn’t given till a much later episode.  Watching this show does bring a few questions to mind that I had with the show when I was younger though that were never answered in the show, such as: Why the hell does J.J. hate Spiderman even though he saves his life on countless occasions? Why do so many people hate him? Why does everybody so quick to turn on him even after he saves their lives? And most importantly why or why can nobody figure out that Peter Parker is Spiderman? It is pretty fucking obvious but I guess those are little things.  
                The first season also introduces the Venom symbiote, which is in a few episodes as both the black suit and venom itself and isn’t seen again tell a later season in a multi-pater with Carnage and Iron Man. One thing that I really like about this show is now it does the origins of many of its villains, from J.J. creating The Scorpion to Graves turning himself into The Vulture (though to be honest I like Noir’s Vulture better, he eats people). The show has pretty damn good writing for the team up episodes as well when it does so with heroes that had shows themselves at the time like Iron Man, Fantastic 4 and the X-Men. There is nothing good without issues however, for instance: Why can’t you color black people properly? And WHY THE HELL IS THE LAST EPISODE SUCH A CLIFF HANGER? I MEAN WHAT THE FUCK MAN!! But that’s just the nerd in me talking. Over all I would suggest watching this if you haven’t before or watching it again if you don’t remember its awesomeness.
                This review isn’t over yet however as I decided to go over the other Spiderman shows that existed before 2004! I’m not sure if any of you know what a henchin show is, but it’s a show where the hero usually uses a device to change into a special suit, and usually has a giant robot, these shows usually come from Japan and oh boy did I find a great one. I found this on Marvels website actually, and it’s from the 70s and it was simply called Japanese Spider-Man and it was freaking awesome. In this version the guy who is Spiderman is not Peter Parker (go figure) but the son of a scientist, when his father is killed searching for a ship that crashed into a mountain (ship called the Marveler) he falls into a hole where an old alien gives him a device that gives him the powers of Spiderman and transforms him into the hero he was meant to be. Of course this show is a bit cheesy but that’s because it’s from the 70s and it’s a henchin show of freaking Spider-Man dude, I really recommend watching this.
                The last show we are going to look at is Spiderman Unlimited that aired 1999 to 2001 yet only had 13 episodes. This show had so few episodes because at the time it was competing with Pokemon, and since the show was good at the time, it was doomed to fail. It takes place in another dimension with Spidey sporting a new high-tech suit with new abilities and new art style. I like to think this is where the earlier show was heading since M.J. is back with Peter and they are married but that’s just me. One of my favorite things about this show is the new art direction, it goes away from the CG old art style and takes on a more comic book style. In this world he is there to save John Jameson, because everybody blames him from crashing on counter earth. When he lands on this new world he finds out that it is ruled by beast people known as the Beastials who were created by the High Evolutionary, the dictator ruler of this world. I want to say that there is a message to this story, with the humans being forced to live in the slums and being ruled over by the Beastials but all I can think of really is Robin Hood. This series also ends with a cliff hanger sadly, but there was a comic book that with along with the show, and though that is over as well it still give more story and I recommend both the comic and the show even though they were both unfinished.
                Well that is my look at sever of the old Spiderman shows and all are awesome in their own right, kind of makes me thing that there are few things that aren’t awesome that have spiderman in them, but reality still have time to prove me wrong, and no I refuse to even think about Spider-Man 3, that was just shitty.

Schedule and Requests

        Well fucking hell man, I think I can finally post after four days of unreliable internet connection and weird ass weather. Seriously just five minutes ago it was like a hurricane outside and now it’s sunny again. Well while I wasn’t being able to watch anything interesting I was able to find an old VCR and all the old tapes of shows I watched as a kid in the 90s so I at least had that, but anyways while gone I came up with a bit of a schedule, or at least a list of what the reviews to come will be.
Spiderman TV shows
Session 9
Mega Man 90s show
Idle hand
Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie
VR Troopers
Martian Successor Nadesico
Kung Fu Hustle
Bandit King Jing
Bubba Ho-tep
Mummies Alive
Grandma’s Boy
Might Max
Silent Hill Movie
This list is bound to change over time, as well I will still be taking requests as I go, and most likely I will not stay to this order but who knows. If you’re going to request anything please do it on this post as I read all the comments anyways and I should get back to regular posting again.