Sunday, September 4, 2011

Way way back in 2002

                Well just call me Phreak the Liar…yes a poor joke to Jacob the liar but eh its 1 in the morning. Yes I know it was said that I was going to do an update earlier last week but you know, classes and getting sick. So now, while watching Nightmares in Red, White and Blue, I shall do my review of a show from the early 2000s called Clone High. The first thing I have to say about this show is that the theme song is good but it doesn’t sound right. By that I mean it kind of sounds like too much is going on, but it’s a really good song that slightly reminds me of the theme to MST3K but that could be just me.
                If you don’t know this show is about clones of famous people that have grown into teenagers and go to high school as part of a military experiment. The main characters are Joan of Ark, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Cleopatra and JFK. Honestly I think this is a great cast though I kind of would have liked to see Alexander the Great or Vlad the Impaler as part of the cast but the show is over and too late to wonder what if. This show only has one season with thirteen episodes that ends on a cliff hanger, and if any of you happen to be the people who made this show for some reason MAKE MORE I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!
                The clones in this show know that they are clones at try to be like their biological source, like the people that they were cloned from. Its not actually brought up a lot how ever but it is still there and well done. There is actually an episode where Abraham and JFK run for student body present, at one point Abe says “I really want to run for president but there seems to be some fear that’s holding me back from doing it” classic man. This show is a comedy if you could imagine it any other way I couldn’t see what it could possibly be. It was canceled due to the use of Gandhi which is sad because it didn’t show him as a bad guy, just now really exactly how he was in history.
                In my honest opinion this show should have had at least one more season, mostly because I want to know what happened after the final episode which I won’t ruin for you. I think one good movie or even a web series or comic would be great I really wish this show hadn’t died. It plays like those old soaps like 90210 or a sitcom but it still hand rang, it was just funny and great it is one of the best cartoons I have seen that is about historical icons, now go watch it while I promise to put up another review tomorrow yet lie and do it next week, so just watch this and I shall have a new review asap.